Joy Professional Adult Formula (JOY2618)            Product Code: JOY2618

Joy Professional Adult Formula 26/18 provides optimum nutrition for highly active dogs. Formulated with highly digestible chicken protein and rice, it yields a high-energy food that will satisfy the nutritional needs of even the most active canine athletes. Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids are added to ensure healthy skin and coat. Chelated minerals are more readily absorbed than standard minerals ensuring a healthy and more active pet. The specially designed size and shape enhances palatability. Excellent food for growing puppies and pregnant and lactating females too.

Hi-Standard 26/18 Soy Free Premium (HS2618SF)Product Code: HS2618SF

A precise balance of amino acids to support healthy muscle tissue.
High levels of fat to support energy levels and stamina.
Highly digestible meat protein sources.
Omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat.
Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.
Calorie statement: Metabolizable Energy (ME) - 3,680 Kcal/Kg (calculated)

Victor is a Super Premium pet food manufactured by family owned and operated Texas based Mid America Pet Food.   Victor Premium Dog Food is distributed thru a network of independent distributors that service independent retailers across the United States.   

All Victor Dog Food products are available, and can be in stock next day.  Stop by the store or contact us with your needs, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Victor Select Professional
Calorie Content (calculated): ME 3834 kcal/kg; 422 kcal/cup

Formula has been used for years by professional dog breeders, kennels as well as owners of active sporting dogs. This is a food that works for Lactating Females, Puppies, Growing and Highly Active Dogs. A true high protein / low carb All Life Stages formula. Like all super premium Victor formulas, this food contains no Corn, Wheat, Soy or Gluten and is free from less digestible processed grain by-products. The result is a highly digestible food that will require less food intake to meet energy demands and yield minimal stool volume. Multiple scientifically advanced ingredients are included in the formula that work together to support excellent digestive and immune system health!

Performance / Joint Health with Glucosamine
Calorie Content (calculated):ME 3770
kcal/kg;414 kcal/cup

Food featuring high levels of protein and energy with only  35% total Carbohydrates. This is an excellent choice for young, growing and highly active dogs of all ages. Multiple protein sources from Beef, Pork, and Chicken (Meals) provide excellent amino acid balance supporting muscle development and maintenance. Balanced levels of Omega 3 and 6 support healthy skin and coat as well as other critical organ functions. With 800 mg/kg of Glucosamine blended with Chondroitin, this food will have a positive effect on the long term joint health of dogs. Like all other Victor foods, this formula is free from Corn, Wheat, Soy, Gluten! Dogs will love the natural flavor of this nutritious  food!

GF Yukon River Canine Formula
Calorie Content (calculated):ME 3652 kcal/kg;402 kcal/cup

This is a  super premium Grain Free Salmon & Ocean Fish based formula that contains 32% protein, 15% fat, and  34%  carbohydrates.   Ocean Fish provides high levels of the much desired Omega 3 fatty acids.  There is ample nutrition for All Life Stages including active dogs, puppies, and lactating females. This is an excellent choice for dogs that may be allergic to  grains, glutens, or other poultry or meat based ingredients. 

Fancy Scratch Grains

These mixes of cracked corn, wheat, milo, and oats provides an essential part of a balanced diet for any poultry bird and is made with the same high quality grains as other Birds Luv’em mixes.  50# Bag

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

[Oil Sunflower] Black oil sunflower seed contains the nutritional source songbirds need. All Birds Luv’em wild bird feed mixes contain between 12 % to 50% black oil sunflowers.
50# Bag, 25# Bag, 10# Bag – 5 per Bale

Songbird Sensation

Wild Bird Feed – This special mixture attracts and satisfies most species of beautiful song birds. Sunflower seed makes up 40%. Along with sunflower seed, they like the combination of peanut pieces, safflower seed, cracked com, red and white millet, wheat and milo. 40# Bag

Economy Blend

Wild Bird Feed – Containing a blend of 12% oil sunflower seed, millet, milo, cracked corn, and cereal grains, this is more economical with the same high quality as other BIRDS LUV’EM brands.
50# Bag, 25# Bag, 10# Bag – 5 per Bale

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